This is my first blog since my angst ridden junior high school days, but now I have a better reason to blog.  1) I might be less dumb 2) This is initially for a class I am taking: Feminist Theory.  I’m going to track a news source, Ghana Review International (I know many students at my school have been to/are going to/like Ghana in general so any context for my discussions would be great), and discuss its content and characteristics through a ‘gender lens.’  For instance, a piece about the job sector could easily be viewed in terms of gender by what gender roles are expected in different work environments, how opportunities vary based on gender, etc. etc.  Vague, I know, but hopefully some development will happen as it goes along.  I’m going to throw up a few entries I’ve already handwritten and links to the discussed articles, of course.  A final disclaimer: this isn’t my looking up anything related to gender discrimination and harping on it, it is aimed to be a thoughtful look at how most situations, especially in media, can be viewed through terms of gender to think more meaningfully about the kinds of roles we accept every day without too much meaningful thought.  Feedback is welcome, and essential 🙂

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