GES backs dismissal of pregnant girls from school

17 girls were ousted from Aduman Senior High school for”getting themselves pregnant.”

Once again I am concerned of the rhetoric used in social responsibility among genders and public and private relationships.  It is suggested that the girls held the sole responsibility for becoming pregnant when obviously it takes two parties.  Later in the piece however it states that government officials “advised the [school] authorities to invite the men responsible for the pregnancy for counseling.”  There is an opposite charge of responsibility for pregnancy yet again no recognition of a shared responsibility.  These men were not ousted from school for ‘getting women pregnant’ but offered counseling.  True, it is difficult to truthfully determine the male party in a pregnancy, but it demonstrates how the girls are being unfairly ousted for their visual pregnant state.

The noting of “immoral acts” and negative influences on other students were cited as the reasoning that the school and government supported the temporary expulsion of the girls (they could go back to school once they delivered, or looked ‘un-pregnant.’)  Yet the Ghana Education Service (GES) cited the health and safety of the mothers and babies as reasoning for the temporary expulsion.  Those who opposed the measures were quoted as saying the expulsions were ‘harsh’ and that ‘maintaining discipline’ at the school should be addressed instead of penalizing the pregnant girls.  This is also interesting in the created relationship between more effective discipline and less ‘immoral acts’ such as teenage pregnancy.

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