Apapa Kamasutra: Sex video girl sacked from school

A recent article about the expulsion of a 16-year-old girl from junior high school is fascinating for not just the story but the article itself.  The girl’s 17-year-old lover (a boy) captured sexual acts between them on a cell phone, which was apparently consensual.  The article not only offers strong commentary on most of the elements of the story but goes on to graphically describe the content of the video, something I have never seen in American news media concerning potentially obscene or offensive material. The debate for what information is necessary for a story as opposed to privacy comes to mind, such as Supreme Court justices watching pornographic films to determine the scope of the First Amendment.

The girl was ‘sacked’ from school after the story of the video circulated on News-One, which was also credited as the source for this article.  The reasons for her expulsion were cited as to not badly influence other students or lead them to commit similar acts, and then the ‘actual’ reason being the religious affiliation of the school disapproving of the acts.  The two motivations for her removal do not seem to drastically different but it is interesting how the public and religious motivations are so clearly separated.  More fascinating still is the depiction of the girl through the social context of the media.

“Interestingly, the girl’s parents have not taken
her out of the area and she walks around, with
fingers pointing at her and eyes turning in her
direction as gossips enjoy a field day, mongering
tales of her sex video.”

How this information could be obtained or confirmed seems problematic, as well as the implications of the correct actions of the girl’s parents, the girl herself, and the ‘gossips’ of her community.  Similar claims of information are concerning such as the circulation of the sex video being “widely circulated among almost every teenage boy in the area.”  I have cautious feelings towards how this information is being gathered and depicted.

Most strange and concerning to me is the description of the video depicting the girl as having “her hair cut low just as JHS girls are expected to do and she had a striking innocence in her eyes.”  This description implies the strongly constructed roles and placement of responsibility between men and women.  The girl is being portrayed as consenting out of weakness and otherwise acting as she should.

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