First Impressions

Sooo I ended up scribbling in my notebook defeating the purpose of blogging out of convenience, but here’s some stuff:

I found Ghana Review International at to get some international news perspectives, at the suggestion of my professor, and chose it first because of its simple description on the world newspapers website: “Independent News Agency.”  With a quick navigation of the site you can see the other Ghanaian sites listed as “daily news, business news, privately owned” etc. so I was drawn to the word “independent.”  Independent equals more empirical, right?  Either way it was sort of arbitrary how I chose one Ghanaian newspaper over another.  The website definitely looks different from my experience with American news websites, with no visible effort to appear similar to a print newspaper.  There are two pastel colored columns that list the headlines and their date, with anywhere from 3 to 20 articles appearing each day.  The site has the option to search the archives but the articles cannot actually be viewed.  There are other navigation issues with the website, but the guest book and the occasional comment of an article suggests at least a modest following.  The articles usually site other news sources for their information.  The articles are also marked with different letters (N, I, S, C, B, A) For News, International, Contributors (?), Business, and Arts/Culture.  It is interesting how like American newspapers these distinctions are made, however vaguely, yet the articles still appear in the same list.  I already am seeing how the word “independent” means something different from an independent paper in the U.S.  It seems the news source is operated on a small-scale using a variety of other news sources to produce a small amount of short articles each day.  This can be particularly revealing with the sort of content that is chosen for such a small operation.

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